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9140 - Machine taps DIN 371/6 for through holes ISO Metric coarse threads High Speed Cutting

Technical features


Item: 9140
Threading: M - ISO Metric coarse
Material: PM HSS (powder metal)
Usage: blind holes - stainless steels and though materials
Form: C R50 (2-3 chamfer threads, high twisted flutes: 50°)
Norm: DIN 371 (less then or equal to M10) DIN 376 (greater then or equal M12)
Threading depth: up to 2,5xD
Tolerance: 6HX
Coating: TiAlN
Range: M3 - M20


Powder metal HSS (PM HSS) taps with 50° flutes, TiAlN coated for High Speed Cutting machining on stainless steels and though long chipping materials for great performances and precision (tolerance 6HX).

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