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Centro Utensili WSG has created through the years an extensive network that avails of an organization of distributors of technical industrial items, wholesale tool dealers, stock retailers and professional hardware shops, and always ensures optimal availability of the entire range.

All our experience at your service

All our experience at your service

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An extensive distribution network

An extensive distribution network

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An updated display of our range of tools

An updated display of our range of tools

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The added value of working in partnership

The company offers its retailers an ample catalogue of high performing tools that can boost production and also competitiveness, matched with an extremely fast and efficient distribution service and delivery within 24 hours. This framework is completed by the clarity and thorough compilation of sales documentation, the professionalism of a technically qualified sales network, always prepared to assist and support retailers in all their needs.

More than a supplier/client cooperation, our connection has turned into a true and proper partnership wherein Centro Utensili, fully recognizing each other’s role, places its own related experience at the disposal of its retailers during visits to their clients whenever specific technical support is required.

for retailers

With its customer-centred policy, Centro Utensili has always focused its attention on its own Clients/Dealers, to ensure increasingly advanced technical solutions and a fast and flawless service. Professional tool dealers, specialized retailers of industrial technical items, and professional hardware businesses, etc., can count not only on the quality and reliability of WSG’s cutting tools, but also on the highly validated support for technical applications and a particularly efficient logistics/organizational structure that allows tool dealers to always have at hand the desired quantities without the burden of keeping their own stocks.

WSG gives its dealer-clientele the exclusive possibility to make on-line orders of our tools and check the available stock themselves. They just need a personal password which is immediately furnished when requested.

If you wish to have thorough knowledge of the quality of our cutting tools and the services we offer, our agents will be at your disposal for an informative visit.

for end users

Our distribution network is present in most of the Italian regions and is made up of dealers with consolidated experience, who work in close contact with Centro Utensili so as to offer their own clientele, not only high quality WSG tools but also expertise needed for valid technical support in purchasing the cutting tools that are most suitable for every need, whether in the automotive or industrial mechanics sectors, or for moulders, structural works or artisanal processing.

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Our tools

our tools

Centro Utensili offers a range of industrial tools for metal cutting with chip formation, and guarantees quality, safety and performance in metal drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and milling processes.

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Our exclusive offer to our retailer clients consists in the activation of an online platform that can offer technical assistance upon purchase. It is a true and proper direct line to the company, to quickly resolve all problems or doubts.

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Contact us in order to have a close view of the opportunities to be taken, and choose the quality of our precision cutting tools for metals. Our personnel will give you all the information you need.

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